Berrylicious Bread Pudding

Life was going too mechanical and tiring! As much as I wanted to update my blog, I somehow was not in my creative side of cooking. Each day, ended up in a routine ‘making-a-meal-because-I-have-to’ mode! And then, I took a break … Continue reading Berrylicious Bread Pudding

Sabudana Vada – Shallow Fried

Today is a significant day. 8th March- the day we celebrate women! I believe that we should celebrate women every single day. Wishing all my women readers across the globe Happy women’s day!  Keep inspiring, motivating and loving yourselves always ❤ Today’s recipe is a popular Maharashtrian dish – Sabudana Vada! I was introduced to this delicious dish by my foodie husband who is an ardent fan of Maharashtrian cuisine. I have made this dish at home quite a few times. I have tried the deep fried and shallow fried options, and I must say my favorite way of making these are using … Continue reading Sabudana Vada – Shallow Fried