Zucchini Stir Fry

Zucchini or summer squash as it is popularly called is a nutrient-dense food. So, adding this veggie to your diet is absolutely beneficient! Zucchini not only has high antioxidants, it is also high in fiber which is necessary for a … Continue reading Zucchini Stir Fry

Spicy Kokum Shots

Kokum or amsul or Punarpuli (in Tulu – my native tongue) is a fruit that is dried and preserved to be used over time in many dishes. For the most part of my life, Kokum Saar / rasam was the only dish I knew. And I enjoyed it for its tanginess. Kokum Rasam and rice with some papad is the best thing to have when you are down with cold 🙂 Then one day, I tasted some flavorsome spicy kokum juice at my Sister-in-law’s place and Gosh! I totally fell in love with it <3! The rustic tangy flavor of … Continue reading Spicy Kokum Shots

Sabudana Vada – Shallow Fried

Today is a significant day. 8th March- the day we celebrate women! I believe that we should celebrate women every single day. Wishing all my women readers across the globe Happy women’s day!  Keep inspiring, motivating and loving yourselves always ❤ Today’s recipe is a popular Maharashtrian dish – Sabudana Vada! I was introduced to this delicious dish by my foodie husband who is an ardent fan of Maharashtrian cuisine. I have made this dish at home quite a few times. I have tried the deep fried and shallow fried options, and I must say my favorite way of making these are using … Continue reading Sabudana Vada – Shallow Fried

Stuffed Snake gourd(Parwal)

Snake gourd or parwal or padwalkaayi(Kannada) is mostly seen in south Asian cuisines. Raw snake gourd is a tad bitter in taste when it’s raw and ripe. So make sure you opt for tender ones while picking it up from the market. The below grilled and stuffed snake gourd is my grandma’s recipe. She is amazing when it comes to innovation in cooking. Some of her recipes are very unique and exotic! One among such recipe is  Stuffed Snake Gourd 🙂 RECIPE: Video link:  Preparation Time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 30 minutes INGREDIENTS: Snake gourd – 1 Potatoes – 3 … Continue reading Stuffed Snake gourd(Parwal)