Orange Sheera

Fruit based sweet recipes are refreshing and gives the much needed break from all the dairy heavy sweets that are made during festivals.

Today’s recipe, ‘Orange Sheera’ is one among those recipes that balances the tartness of the orange with the sweetness of sugar.If you love oranges, you will surely love indulging in this one.

Here is the recipe for Orange Sheera


Sooji/Rava – 2 cups

Oranges – 7 (cutie oranges – small ones)

Water – 2 cups

Sugar (Brown or white) – 1.5 cups

For Garnishing:

Chopped nuts – cashews, almonds,walnuts and raisins

Ghee – 1 tbsp


Roast the sooji with 1 tsp of ghee till you get the aroma of the sooji.


Blend the oranges into a coarse pulp by adding 1 cup of water.


In a deep bottomed pan, add the remaining 1 cup water and boil.

Now add the blended orange pulp and sugar. Mix well.



Allow to boil before adding the roasted sooji and ghee.


Mix well and add more water if required.

Once the sooji is cooked well, turn off heat and keep aside.


Add some orange pieces to enhance the flavor.


Now prepare the garnishing by frying the chopped nuts in ghee.

Add this to the sheera and mix well.


Orange sheera is ready to be served 🙂




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