Sugar Palmiers

We are into the second and the shortest month of the year! Also the Valentines month <3!

For all those celebrating Feb 14th, I am sure you have already started making plans to make your loved ones feel special.

On this day of love , make sure you let your special ones know what they mean to you, be it your parents, siblings, spouse, children or even friends. Every relationship that means something to you needs that acknowledgment once in a while and what better than the Valentine’s Day 🙂

This year’s valentine’s addition to the blog – Heart shaped Sugar palmiers!

This little sugary treat is the most simple recipe for anybody to bake.

So go ahead and add the ingredients needed for these treats to your grocery list and make them for your loved ones!

Heart Shaped Palmiers


Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Setting Time: 1 hour

Baking Time: 8-12 minutes

Makes: 15 to 20 palmiers


  • Puff Pastry sheets – 1 sheet
  • Sugar – 1/2 cup
  • Cinnamon Powder – 1/2 tsp (Optional)

Other Materials needed – Parchment paper, baking tray


Defrost the Puff pastry sheet as instructed on the box. Keep it in room temperature for about 40 mins to an hour making sure that it is still cold.

Meanwhile, Mix the sugar and cinnamon powder. Mix well.

On your working platform or surface, spread the parchment sheet and dust some all-purpose flour and sugar-cinnamon powder.

Sprinkle the Sugar-Cinnamon powder

Place the defrosted puff pastry sheet on the parchment paper.

Thawed Puff pastry sheet

Sprinkle the sugar-cinnamon powder on the puff pastry sheet making sugar the entire sheet is well covered with sugar.

Sprinkle sugar-cinnamon powder

Next, using a rolling pin, flatten the puff pastry sheet. This will also let the sugar blend in with the puff sheets.

Flatten the puff pastry sheet

Now, gently roll from one end of the sheet towards the center of the puff pastry sheet.

Roll from one end towards the half of the sheet

Do the same on the other end too. Refer the picture.

Next, wrap the prepared puff pastry sheet in a plastic cling wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour to set.

All set to go into the refrigerator

Once refrigerated, pre heat the oven to 400F and line a baking tray.

Take the prepared palmier roll, and slice across making roughly 1 inch cookies.

Place the cookies on the tray and bake for 8-12 minutes flipping the cookies halfway to make sure they are golden brown on both sides.

Don’t they look cute!
Sugar melting….doesn’t this look tempting 😛

Once done, allow it to cool down completely before enjoying these simple sugar treats.

You can store them for upto 8-10 days in an airtight container.

Happy baking and Happy Valentine’s week :*


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