Sabasige (Dill leaves) Akki rotti

Akki Rotti / Rice flour roti is a very famous dish from  Karnataka. Its a very simple and sumptuous snack. 

Akki rotti takes me back to the time when mom used to prepare hot rottis for our after school snack. My sister and I would enjoy hot akki rottis with tangy coconut coriander chutney over endless conversations. Miss those days of carefree and pampered living.

There are a number of variations in Akki rotti. You can make these by adding onions or carrots or grated cucumber or dill leaves. 

(I recently started using the aluminium foil to pat the rotti and placing it on the tava directly. This method is much easier and way faster)



Rice Flour – 2 cups

Maida / All Purpose Flour – 2 tbsp

Carrots – 1 grated

Dill Leaves – washed and chopped finely

Buttermilk – 1 cup

Salt – as per taste

Water – as needed to make the dough

Oil – for the pan while cooking the rotti

Green chillies – chopped (optional) – i did not add it because i was making it for my kid. 



In a deep bowl, add the chopped dill leaves / sabasige, grated carrots, maida, rice flour and salt. Mix well. Add a cup of buttermilk and mix well. Then slowly add water to make the dough.  Make sure it is a little softer than the chapathi dough. Cover and keep it aside.

Meanwhile, heat a pan, i prefer using my cast iron pan, but you can use any other pans that you generally use. 

Take a piece of aluminium foil, brush oil on one side and take a ball size of dough, pat it thin on the aluminium foil.


Place the aluminium foil on the heated pan, facing the akki rotti down. 


Cook for sometime and you will be able to remove the foil without trouble. Once you remove the foil, flip the akki rotti.  


Cook on both sides till done.


Serve hot with coconut chutney and some brinjal sabji or even some curd – pickle combination will taste well if you are not in a mood to make anything extra 🙂


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