Power Packed Date snack

Why always a savoury snack! Let’s try a ‘Sweet Snack’ today. How about a healthy power packed snack?

Here is one such snack which is super tasty and super healthy – Dates stuffed with dry fruits and power packed seeds mix.

Presenting the Power Packed Date Snack:


Dates (preferably Wet dates) – 15-20

Dry Fruits Mix – Walnuts, cashews and almonds (pistachios can be added too)- 1 cup

Seeds Mix – Flax seed, sesame seed, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds – 2 tbsp



Grate the dry fruits coarsely. I use the cheese grater (Graty brand) which makes the work simpler and faster.


Mix the seeds into the grated / shredded dry fruits mix.

Slit the dates and stuff the above mix generously.


Your go-to power snack is ready.

Store in an air tight container.


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