Pudina Pakoda

Mint leaf has a very distinct yet a refreshing aroma. It tastes absolutely delish when used in right quantities and when it is combined with other ingredients in the right way. 

The dish that I am presenting today is a creation due to the sheer need to finish the mint leaves left in the fridge.  After making a bowl of green chutney, I had half a bunch of mint leaves left. I wanted to use it before they could turn brown and black. 

A quick evening snack is what I could think of. Here is the recipe for Pudina pakoda cooked on a ebelskiver / appe pan. Yes, you heard that right! Pakoda without deep frying is the USP of this dish. 

Enjoy this guilt free snack with a hot cup of Chai. 



Mint Leaves – ½ bunch

Channa dal – 1 cup – soaked and drained

Green chillies – 4

Ginger – 1 inch

Lime – juice of 1./2 lime

Turmeric powder – ½ tsp

Fennel Seeds – 2 tbsp

Rice Flour – 3 tbsp

Salt – to taste

Chilli powder – 1 tsp (optional)

Chaat masala – ½ tsp (optional)



Soak the channa dal for 4-5 hrs or overnight. Drain and keep it aside.

Grind the channa dal into a coarse mix without adding any water. 

Make a paste of the Ginger & green chillies and mix it to the ground channa dal.


Add the rice flour, turmeric powder, fennel seeds, chopped mint leaves, red chilli powder (opt), chaat masala (opt) and salt. Mix well.


Make round tiny balls of the above mixture. Keep it ready and set aside.


Heat the ebelskiver/Appe pan, add a drop of oil in each mould. Put the prepared channa dal & pudina ball.


Cook on medium flame till they are golden brown in color. 


Serve hot with some tomato ketchup / green chutney and a hot cup of masala chai.


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