Grape Juice

Spring is right around the corner.  Longer, brighter and hotter days ahead  :)And what better than fresh homemade fruit juices to quench your thirst on hot sunny days.

Here is my mom’s recipe for  fresh grape juice 🙂

This can be stored for 5-7 days if made in bulk.



Video Link: 

Preparation Time: 15 minutes (excludes the cooling time)

Cooking Time: 10 minutes

Makes: ~5-6 glasses of juice (can vary based on serving size)


  • Red or black grapes – 500 gms
  • Raw Brown Sugar (can substitute with white sugar) – 3/4 cup (adjust as per the sweetness required)
  • Water – 2-3 cups or more


Wash and add the grapes in a saucepan.

Add sugar and water just enough to cover the grapes.

Cook covered on medium flame till the grapes are soft and mushy. This should take anywhere between 10-12 minutes.

Turn off heat and allow the cooked grapes to cool off completely.

Once cool, blend the grapes into a fine pureé by adding about 1/2 cup water if needed.

Now, sieve the pureéd grapes using a cheese cloth or a sieve with small holes.

Next, add the water that is used to cook the grapes and adjust the consistency of the grape juice.

Store it in an airtight bottle and refrigerate.

Serve Chilled and Enjoy 🙂



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