Microwaved Masala Peanuts

Are you looking for munchies for your Diwali get together?

Here is a recipe of a savory which can be prepared in just few minutes and trust me these are irresistible. No one can eat just one 😉

Here is the recipe for Microwaved Masala peanuts – ABSOLUTELY NO OIL USED 🙂

Presenting to you – Healthy Masala Peanuts !



Raw Peanuts – 2 cups

Gram Flour / Besan –  5 to 6 tbsp

Rice Flour – 1 tbsp

Red chilli powder – 1 tbsp (Or more if you need more spice)

Turmeric powder – ½ tsp

Asofoetida – ½ tsp

Fennel powder – ½ tsp

Cumin powder – ½ tsp

Salt – as per taste



Rinse the peanuts with water using a strainer.


Mix all the flours, spice powders and salt well.

Add the above gram flour mix to the rinsed peanuts. Sprinkle a little water and mix everything well till all the peanuts are coated well with the gram flour mix.


Coat a microwave safe plate with few drops of oil (just to avoid the peanuts from sticking to the plate) and spread the masala coated peanuts.


Microwave on high power for 3 minutes, flipping the peanuts around after every minute.

Then add few chopped curry leaves and microwave on high for one more minute. The crunchy munchy peanuts are ready.


The microwave power might vary hence keep checking the peanuts and adjust the time accordingly.

Once done, allow it to cool before serving and store in an air tight container.

Serve it as a tea time snack. The kids would love it too 🙂


4 thoughts on “Microwaved Masala Peanuts

  1. Hi,
    I stumbled across this blog through Euphoric Delights on FB. I tried this recipe and it came out delicious. Thanks for the recipe!!



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