Hayagreeva is a popular sweet dish made with bengal gram and jaggery. This Udupi style sweet is usually prepared as naivedya (offering) on Shree Raghavendra Swamy Aradhane.

Below is the recipe for this pudding like sweet dish ‘Hayagreeva’


Here is the recipe:


Bengal Gram / kadle bele/ Channa dal – 1 cup

Sugar – 1 cup OR Jaggery – ¾ cup

Ghee – around ½ cup (to be added in intervals)

Cardamom powder – ¼ tsp

chopped nuts – ½ cup (cashews, raisins, almonds)


Soak the channa dal in water for not more than 10 minutes.

Pressure cook the channa dal with 2 cups of water for 2-3 whistles.

Allow to cool and keep it aside.


In a wide bottomed pan, add the jaggery and allow it to melt completely.


Now, add the cooked channa dal and stir well. Add ghee in intervals and keep stirring till you get a halwa kind of consistency.

Stirring continuously is an important step.

(If using sugar, add sugar and channa dal together and keep stirring)


Add the cardamom powder when hayagreeva is almost done and mix well. Turn off heat.

Fry the chopped nuts in some ghee and add it to the hayagriva.

Your naivedya for shree raghavendra swamy is ready 🙂


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