Say bye bye to boring gloomy days and say hello to long bright days. Summer is here! Summer is all about fun outdoor activities, a nice walk around the beach and lots of summer fruits. 

Hang on! Summer is not all fun…Summer is also about tanned tiring days , sweaty palms and scorching heat. 

Summer is the time when you want to have ice creams, cool drinks, fresh fruit juices, popsicle and what not!  So how about a home made fresh fruit juice that  is refreshing, soothing and super tasty? 

Here is the recipe for Plum-o-nade 🙂 I bet you will love it 🙂 



Plum – 3 ripe ones, roughly chopped (*

Do not peel the plum because it enhances the color of the juice).

Sugar – 7-8 tsp based on the sweetness of the fruit

Lemon – ½

Salt – a pinch

Pepper – as per taste

Ginger powder – ½ tsp (optional)


Boil water in a vessel and add the chopped plums. Boil for about 15-20 mins till the flesh of the fruit is mushy.


Once the plums are mushy, strain and allow it to cool completely before blending it. 

Keep aside the water to use it later to dilute the juice


Once the fruit is completely cool, add it to the blender along with sugar, salt, pepper, ginger powder and lemon juice. 

Add as much quantity of water as needed. I used about 5-6 cups of water to get a juice consistency.


Blend it well and strain. You can store the juice in the fridge for 4-5 days.


Tada ! The tasty quick and cool summer drink is ready. Tastes best when chilled. Enjoy Plum-o-nade 🙂 


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