Spiced Yogurt drink

Some of you might wonder why is the title of the post Yogurt drink and not Buttermilk !  Buttermilk is traditionally a liquid left after churning butter from the cream whereas this recipe uses simple plain yogurt 🙂

Homemade yogurt drink is a simple recipe that can be made in a jiffy. This drink is not only easy to make but gives you a soothing feeling when you gulp it down. A full glass of chilled butter milk does wonders after a spicy meal.

This recipe has some of the spices that aid in digestion and helps soothe the tummy too 🙂

So here is my recipe for ‘Spiced Yogurt Drink’ 🙂



Yogurt / Curd – about 2 to 3 cups

Green chillies – 8 to 10

Ginger – 1-inch piece

For the spiced masala powder:

Cumin Seeds – 2 tbsp

Peppercorns –  1 tbsp

Ajwain / oma – 1/2 tbsp

Salt – to taste

Water – to dilute the yogurt into buttermilk consistency


Dry roast the cumin seeds, peppercorns, and ajwain on medium flame.


Once done, allow it to cool and grind into a fine powder. Store this spice powder in the refrigerator in an airtight container.


Now, in a mixer, grind the green chillies and ginger into a fine paste adding some water and salt.


Take a large deep bottomed vessel, dilute the yogurt until you get the required buttermilk consistency.


To this add two teaspoons of the spiced powder and also the ground paste. Mix well.



Check for salt and add more if required.

Refrigerate and serve chilled.







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